Chairman's Desk

Mr. Bahvesh Shah, a pioneer in expanding wisdom on the value of talent, embodied the spirit of a confident entrepreneur always striving to change the course of a business for furtherance. He is an impelling leader with stellar leadership qualities, idolized for his thriving, ingenious, and zestful personality. It is his story that ignites the ideation of a generation of Indian entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and progressive companies that aspire to emulate his success.

As a result of Bahvesh's unique vision and bold approach to redefining the potential of the trading sector, the company has been able to fully exploit and grow previously untapped markets. Throughout his career, his corporate philosophy has been short, simple, and succinct: "Think Big, Think Differently, Think Fast, Think Ahead, and Aim for the Best."

Mr. Bahvesh's vision and leadership enabled the Arihant Group to unfold into the largest electrical equipment distributor in South Gujarat and etched out a distinctive place for itself in the market. The expansion of Arihant Power Equipment Pvt. Ltd. was an integral part of his grand vision for Arihant Group.

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